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Make materials accessible

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Making something more accessible often takes very little (if any) extra effort and it can make a big difference to the experience of some students.

In fact, often making something more accessible for one can often benefit all the students.

Simple ways you can make presentations/documents more accessible might include the following

  • Use Alt Text for Images and Objects
  • Specify Column Header information in tables
  • Left aligned font
  • Ensure that all presentation slides have unique titles
  • Use meaningful hyperlink text
  • Use simple tables and avoid using blank cells for formatting
  • Ensure there is strong visual contrast
  • Large font sizes
  • Sans Serif Font – such as Arial, Verdana, Trebuchet etc
  • Do not use italics – use bold for emphasis instead

The Academic Staff page from the UCC Disability Support Service  provides useful guidance and advice around providing more inclusive teaching and assessment.


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