Support Learning with Mobiles

Software: No specific software

Aim: To make students aware of different apps/sites that are freely available as a resources to support their learning

Why: There is a wealth of different apps/websites/ technological tools freely available, even if you do not explicitly use them in your teaching it is still possible to remind students that they are available for them to use as a support for their own learning.

How:  Simply, build an awareness of the technology tools that are available for your discipline and tell students about them.

There are thousands of educational apps available on Mobile devices.

To give a very simple example a student could find the below resources useful for learning French.

There are also many non-discipline apps/tools that can be used to support learning in such as mind mapping, note taking, planning and referencing tools. We have listed many of them in out tools and apps spreadsheet, some of the more well known examples would be

In addition to this Twitter can also be a useful learning tool, since you can follow feeds on specific topics easily. The London School of Economics has provided this useful guide on using Twitter for teaching.



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