Electronic Marking with Turnitin

Software: Turnitin

Aim: To use the tools within Turnitin to electronically mark essays and other student assignments.

Why: The tools within Turnitin enable you to insert frequently-used text comments (such as ‘unclear,’ ‘awkward,’ ‘good point,’ etc.) in addition to individualised prose comments at specific points in the assignment, summative prose comments and even audio comments.  This variety of feedback options can streamline your communication with students while also accommodating a variety of learning and teaching styles.

How: As the marking tools are integrated into Turnitin, they’re fairly easy to use by following the steps below:

  1. Open the assignment in Turnitin
  2. Select the GradeMark view
  3. Read through the assignment using the different tools available in the column to the right of the main text.  To use a different set of tools (e.g. to switch from text comments to a rubric) select a different option at the bottom of this column
  4. When done marking the assignment, enter the mark at the top right corner of the Turnitin window.

For more detailed steps on using the marking tools in Turnitin, please see the related FAQ entry.



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