Create Bitesized Videos

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Software: Panopto

Aim: Create bitesized videos (example key points from a lecture) as an additional means of support for students.

Why: To create a resource for students to access, which allows them to review the key concepts in a flexible fashion. Summary videos can be particularly useful for revision purposes but short videos can also be used to demonstrate a procedure or to provoke a discussion.

Keeping videos short in duration, keeps them accessible and helps to support the flexible nature of online learning. Obviously, the shorter the video, the easier it is to find the time to watch it. It also forces the presenter to be succinct and focus only on the very core of the concept and thus making the video more manageable/less intimidating to the student.

How: The below is an example of how you might go about recording a short summary of a lecture you have just presented, using panopto.

  1. Install Panopto to your computer (You will only have to do this once)
  2. If you wish to make Panopto available through Blackboard, you should link Panopto to your Blackboard Module (again you will only have to do this one)
  3. Open your slides (if you plan to use some) and decide on the most important slides that you will go through (for example the 5 most important).
  4. Open panopto and start recording talking only through the most important slides/points. Remember to keep it short!
  5. When you are finished stop the recording.
  6. Verify the recording is as you would like it.

Tip:  It can be a good idea to record the 5 minutes summary in your office straight after giving the lecture as the material will be fresh in your mind.



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