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Using Video for Learning


When it comes to online and blended learning video is an extremely useful tool. 

There are a whole host of ways to use videos for learning, looking only at UCC we can see a number examples of videos being used in different ways across the university. For example, there are programmes

  • using panopto, to capture a lecture
  • using panopto to create short summary of a lecture
  • using existing (publicly available) videos (such as on You Tube) to promote discussions or to demonstrate a technical topic.
  • where students record video presentations with their phones and submit them for assessments
  • using short studio recorded videos to give an introduction to a module.
  • using screencasting to explain computer coding
  • using animation to explain a concept

Some advantages are that they

  • they can be watched several times, if a student doesn’t understand the material the first time they can watch it again and again if needed
  • they can also be used to break down materials to the core of a topic, making them more manageable to students.
  • they can be developed to include other media such as websites, images and captions making the visual even more informative
  • Mobile phones make them readily accessible (for example students could watch them while commuting on a bus or train)

Tools such as You Tube or Vimeo make the management of videos, very easy. As you can create playlists which are associated with certain topics. For example on our OVPTL, You Tube Channel we have created a number of playlists, including one for the training videos associated with this site.

As technology is improving the potential for video in learning is only increasing . There are now tools (such as EdPuzzle, EduCanon, Wirewax – see our tools spreadsheet for a fuller list) to create Interactive Videos, these are videos that allow for a viewer to interact with the video perhaps by asking questions, allowing them to access a website or giving some kind of input.

Perhaps, an appropriate way to end this post is to recommend that you watch the below video in which Salman Khan (founder of the Khan Academy) talks about using video to reinvent education.





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