Get Chatting with Slack

Chat with Slack

Software: Slack Messaging App (free)

Aim: Increase learner engagement through the use of an easy to use chat app.

Why: By using an app such as Slack you can extend conversations to beyond the lecture hall or classroom. It allows student/participants to interact directly and on their own terms and to spark, carry on and develop their own paths of discovery.

How: The below are the first few steps of how you might start using Slack for a discussion.


1. Sign up to Slack (it is free). To do this go to  and enter your email and click Create a Team.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.26.25



2. You are asked to give your team a name, enter a team name and click next.


3. Enter a suggested web address

Slack web address screenshot













4. Enter your name, confirm your details and click create my new slack team

5. You are asked to list the email addresses of the people you would like to invite. Here you should input student email addresses.

Slack Invite Screen








6. You are now setup. You are given a very short tour of the software.

Slack welcome




Once you are there you can setup channels for particular topics and students can then login to chat on the webpage or they can also download the Slack app to their phones.



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