Live Interaction with Hangouts

Software: Google Hangouts

Aim: Facilitate synchronous interaction between students and lecturers.

Why: Lecturers and students can communicate with one another using live audio and webcam features, instant messaging and screen-sharing.

How: You will first need to request access to Google Apps for Ed by emailing Next, schedule a date and time for the Hangout and clearly communicate this with your students using email or a Blackboard announcement. Follow the below steps to set-up the Hangout.




1. Navigate to the Google Apps icon on the top-right of your Google Homepage:

pic 1

2. Select the Hangouts icon. You may need to reveal this by selecting More. apps


3. On the homescreen, select Video Call:

pic 4


4. Enter a name for your Hangout and select the right-hand arrow:

pic 5


5. Once in the Hangout, make sure your camera and microphone are switched on by checking the boxes at the top of the screen:

pic 6In the above example the microphone is on and the camera is off.


6. Invite students by selecting Invite People on the centre of the screen:

pic 7


7. Copy and Paste your mailing list of students for this particular lesson into the following box:

pic 8– then select pic 9


Active users will show on the bottom-right of the screen.


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