Collaboration with Classroom

Software: Google Classrooms

Aim: Communicate with students via a collaborative platform.

Why: Google Classrooms integrates with all Google Apps for Ed (eg Drive, Docs, Sheets, Calendar, Hangouts, YouTube). You can schedule, create and grade assignments. The interface closely resembles a social media platform, making it familiar and interesting for students.

Students can collaborate on documents using Google Docs and Sheets which are shared via the Classroom feed. During live collaboration of a document, participants can also add and review comments. The changes made by others are clear and you can see when others are editing. When finished, these documents can be easily downloaded and shared via other platforms if needed.

Lecturers can share PowerPoint presentations, videos, PDFs, podcasts and many other media files on the feed. They can also start discussions and polls – very similar to a Facebook status – for encouraging interaction amongst students.



1. Go to

2. Select Sign In and enter your UCC email address and password. You may be prompted to contact your System Administrator to grant you permissions for this app. In which case, email

3. Once these permissions have been granted, simply sign in and select the plus button on the top-right of the screen to Create a Class.