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LearnLab – Steelcase



The LearnLab™ by Steelcase is a technology enhanced classroom designed to facilitate lecture work and collaborative group projects through flexible design. In it’s collaborative group work configuration the tables are arranged in a “X” configurationwith multiple displays which allows the lecturer to present the material in multiple locations within the room and having the material easily visible by all students.



After a trialing period in Grand Valley State University, Michigan the room was well received by both staff and students. The furniture allowed a seamless transition from lecture theater to group work, the technology allowed for white board notes to be captured digitally and sent around to the students after call and the collaborative nature of the classroom meant that students got to know each other better by the end of the course.



In 2011, after implementing and evaluating the effectiveness of the room at Richland College Texas, a Richland/Steelcase Education Solutions Study found that when compared to a traditional lecture room the:

  • shape and technology of the LearnLab provided more support for collaborative and co-creative work, and increased student interaction
  • the “X” configuration made it easy to switch between passive and active teaching and learning modes
  • the setting increased overall learning experience


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