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Aalto on the move – Aalto University, Finland

In 2010 an Aalto Student initiative saw approximately 100 Aalto students and faculty rent a Russian train to transport them from Helsinki to the Shanghai World Expo. The ten day, 10,000 km long journey created a unique and creative environment for learning through lectures, group work, sports events, workshops and even a TEDx event. The initiative was so popular that it inspired student counterparts from the Tongji University in China to do the return leg of the journey in 2011.



Inspired by their trip across Siberia by train, Aalto students decided to do another adventure in 2011 entitled Aalto on Waves, where over 100 students and faculty from Aalto University took a cruise from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro in Brasil with the aim of inspiring social impact between Europe and South America. Again, the students made the most of the available ship facilities which included a conference center, multiple breakout rooms, and importantly a rock climbing wall, spa and swimming pools.



Aalto students have continued these events with Aalto in Africa in 2013 and most recently in 2015, Aalto on Fire. They continue to explore new and experimental learning environments to great effect.


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