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Design Labs – University of Michigan

The Duderstadt Center at the University of Michigan was built to provide access for all its students and faculty to new digital tools and they were emerging with the aim of developing new fields of study. As part of the original design was Design Lab one, a project space open for undergraduate research in many areas such as digital media creation, robotics, programming and design.



The space was designed to be extremely flexible with regards to furnishings and technology with group projects as the core activity in this space. The facilities are student driven, i.e. the students weren’t provided with what the instructors decided they needed, but instead the students had to ask for the technology and equipment they needed as the technology and space evolved. This facilitates a sense of student ownership.

The space was so successful that more spaces to facilitate digital media and design were developed in the Duderstadt Center including a design lab which specialists in modelling and visualisation software and 3D prototyping, modeling and animation etc., an electronics workbench which contains the tools for prototyping electronic projects and professional video and audio studios.




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