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New Buildings – University of Technology Sydney

The new home to the University of Technology Sydney Business School, Dr Chau Chak frank_gehrys_dr_chau_chak_wing_building_2-1-minWing Building opened in 2015 as has been described as “the most beautiful squashed brown paper bag”. The architect, Frank Geary, designed to building using the concept of a treehouse.With a ‘trunk of social spaces’ which branches out into areas of discipline in the upper floors. There is an immediate sense of warmth throughout the building from the curved feel and use of timber.

The teaching and learning spaces are designed to promote collaboration and different ways of delivering knowledge and facilitating learning with two oval-shaped lecture theaters, collaborative spaces, and bright and comfortable informal spaces. The building itself is said to encourage business creativity and innovation in both students and staff.



The new Faculty of Science and Graduate School of Health building was also opened in 2015 and is part of the University’s new science and health, teaching and learning precinct. The building is bright, airy and colorful. It even has a rooftop garden as informal space to relax, reflect and unwind.

The building’s classrooms are designed to facilitate group work and problem-based learning. Another video describing the activity-based workspaces in the buildings can be found here. There are glass-fronted research labs to encourage a sense of openness and facilitate collaboration. One of the most innovative learning spaces contained within the building is what they call their ‘Super Lab’. This is an open lab where multiple classes from different modules and years, are doing different experiments in the same space. Thereby giving younger student the chance to see what experiment they will be doing in the future, and older students the chance to mentor students in years below.



The new University of Technology Sydney Engineering and IT building opened in 2014 and has a very industrial feel to it. This ‘gateway to innovation’ has many collaborative and study areas to facilitate different types of learning. The building itself is described as a ‘living building’. It has solar and rainwater harvesting systems which are monitored continuously. The building will allow the students to explore the bounds of what is possible in the Engineering and IT sectors.



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