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Tyndall Maker Space – University College Cork

This new MakerSpace was opened in Tyndall National Institute in 2015. It is a space designed for staff, researchers and students at Tyndall where they can work through, prototype and create personal and work-related projects. Different creations that have been made in the space include an underwater robot, shielding to reduce interference when testing wireless sensors, 3D printing medical devices for micro needles and “lab on a chip” enclosures, jewellery, laser harps, Halloween costumes, alien creature sensors, Christmas jumpers, designing and creating small models for public outreach and even a chocolate egg thrower.

There are lots of equipment in the MakerSpace including a variety of hand and power tools, phone / watch repair tools, 3D printers, electronic components and repair parts, taps and dies, plywood & corriboard, soldering equipment, digital microscopes, painting materials and much more. Each user of the space must take part in induction and safety training before use.