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Classroom Technology

You may have noticed that the summer for 2017 was a good vintage for classroom technology in UCC. There was a lot of investment and work in replacing and putting in new equipment. Some highlights include:

  • Document Cameras (Visualisers) more widely installed
  • Radio Mics in larger spaces
  • Array Microphones installed to allow for greater projection and capture of lectures
  • Touch-Screens added to teaching stations
  • High Quality HD Cameras
  • Tracking cameras installed as pilot in some large theatres
  • Lamp Free Data Projectors
  • Height Adjustable Lecterns
  • Stage Monitors installed
  • Dual Projections Systems in some rooms
  • Audio systems replaced
  • New large 4D screens installed

(See below slideshow to see images of some of these).

This technology now affords some new opportunities for academic staff:

  • Lecturers can move around stages without any dropout in audio quality.
  • Lectures can be captured in higher audio and visual quality.
  • Document cameras allow lecturers to project intricate writing on the main screen – for instance formula, mathematical problems, coding, illustrative drawings, etc.
  • Document cameras can be used to show small items to your audience.
  • You can capture whatever you display on the document camera as an image and share that with students at a later time if you wish.
  • The height adjustable desks mean no more bending over to write something underneath the document camera, which also means you can be facing your audience as you work.
  • Stage monitors allow you to remain facing your audience while presenting. No more turning around to check what is up behind you!

Apart from these opportunities, the ongoing upgrades mean that equipment is becoming increasingly reliable. These upgrades will continue in the coming years in tandem with the rollout of Mirroring 360 software to allow Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) functionality. Wi-Fi is continually being upgraded to allow for greater use of mobile devices by staff and students alike.  The AVMS team would be delighted to answer any queries you have on classroom technology

Folded Visualiser
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