How to archive or backup a module on Blackboard?

Archiving a Course creates a permanent record of a course, including all the content and user interactions available at the time the Archive is created.  To create an archive follow the below steps:

1. From the Control Panel, select Packages and Utilities

2. Select Export/Archive Course from the sub-menu.

Archive: Packages and Utilities

3. Click the Archive Course button. If you wish to include the Grade Centre History, tick the box to do so.


4. Click Submit (on the right)

5. Click Refresh. 

Please note that it can sometimes take some time for the archive file to appear so you may wish to continue with other work and check back at a later stage. If this the case when you return you should come back to the same page (i.e: steps 1 and 2)

6. The archive file is visible as a zip file containing the module code and the date & time on which it was created.

Archive File

7. It is important to save this archive File to a dedicated folder on your own computer so that the module and all contents can be restored to Blackboard if necessary. To save it click it with your right mouse button, and select Save Target As… Choose where to save the file, e.g. a dedicated Blackboard Archive folder on your computer.


– Blackboard Web Page: How to archive a course

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