How can I copy several items of content at one time to another module?


Note: If you only need to copy one item of content then you should follow the steps in the question : How can I copy or move an item of content?

If you are looking to copy a number of items for example from several sections you can do it by following the below steps:


1. From the Control Panel, select Packages and Utilities


2. Select Export/Archive Course from the sub-menu.

Archive: Packages and Utilities



3. Select Course Copy


4. For the copy type option select copy the materials into an existing course


5. In the next box, enter the destination course ID. In the case of UCC course this is usually the year plus the module code, for example: 2016-EC1001

Course Copy


6. Next, tick the boxes for any section you wish to copy and click submit (i.e you can leave the last two options as default).




FAQ: How can I copy or move an item of content?

– Blackboard’s own page: How to copy a course



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