How can I change a slide master in Powerpoint

Slide Masters in Powerpoint can be a very useful way of ensuring slides stay consistent, as it allows you to make a change to the look of a slide and then to have that update carry across all (or a selection) of slides.

1. Open the presentation you want to edit in Powerpoint

2. Select Slide Master in the View menu in Powerpoint

3. Edit the Master Slide and associated layouts as needed (NB: Adding contact information to the top-level Master Slide will result in that information appearing on all slides while changes to individual layouts will only apply to specific slides)

4. Select Normal in the View menu to return to your presentation

5. Apply the new Master Slide to the entire presentation or just individual slides as required by:

  1. Selecting the slide(s) to be changed in the sidebar
  2. Open the Layout drop-down menu in the Home menu and select the new layout to apply to the chosen slide(s)


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