How can I copy or move content?

Note: If you wish to copy several items of content at a time (across different locations) then you should follow the steps in the question entitled: How can I copy an entire section of content to another module?

If you wish to copy or move content from one page to another in the same module site or from one module site to a different module site you should follow the below steps:


1. Navigate to the item, you wish to copy

2. Hover over the name of the content and a small grey arrow appears to the right of the name.

3. Click on the arrow and menu will appear

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 14.10.18

4. Click on Copy/Move

5. You will be asked to confirm the destination for the content. Choose the Destination module

– if it is the same module – you can leave it as is.

– if it is a different module – select the module you want to move it from the dropdown.

6. Select the Destination Folder by browsing to it.



7. Click Submit 



– Best Practice: Remove Redundant Objects

– Blackboard Page: Copying and Moving Content


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