How can I read, print or save all discussion posts?


To read/ print/ save or archive all posts in one discussion board

1. Go to the discussions page of your site.

2. Click the name of the discussion board you want to read.

Screenshot of Discussion Name


3. You will be shown a list of threads, click the top check box, all boxes next to all the threads will then get selected and click collect.

Screenshot of collecting threads


4. You are then shown all the posts (starting with the most recent), you can read and reply to messages accordingly. If you want a PDF perhaps to print/keep an electronic version of the discussion then click the Print Preview button in the top left of the screen.

Screenshot of Print Preview Button


5. A print dialogue box opens, choose the settings that apply and click save.

Screenshot of Printer Dialogue Box




– Blackboard Webpage: Search and Collect Discussions


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