How do I create a discussion board?


1. Go to the Discussions page on your site

2. Click on Create Forum.

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3. Enter a Name and Description for the Discussion

4. Fill in the relevant options as required. The options are explained briefly below.

– Forum Availability: Let’s you decide when and for how long the forum is available to students. We usually advise that forums be time limited as this tends to make the discussion more dynamic. (For example, only allow students to post for one week )

– Viewing Threads/Replies: Select standard view here. This means that students do not need to create a new thread (i.e start a new conversation) to view the forum.

Grade: Here you are choose whether to grade discussion posts. We would usually advise that a discussion should be allocated a small percentage of marks as this incentivises students to participate. If you wish to grade the forum then select the Grade Forum option and type the number of possible points (example if it is worth 20% type 20). If you prefer to grade by thread then Select the Grade Threads option.

– Subscribe: You can opt to allow students to subscribe to the forum. This means they will get an email every time someone posts to it. It can be a very useful function.

– Create and Edit and Additional Options: Allows you to choose whether to allow anonymous posts, file attachments, thread creation, subscription, and member rating of posts.

5. Click Submit



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