How do I create an announcement?


1. Go to the Announcements page of your module (or if you do not have one go to Control Panel – Course Tools – Announcements).

2. Click on Create Announcement (top left)



3. You are brought to a page of options. Type in a subject and the message of the announcement. (just as you would for an email).




4. Select if the announcement is to be date restricted (for example should only be available until tomorrow) and if so enter the dates.


Note: where possible it is good practice to make announcements date restricted so that they are only showing until the appropriate date. 


5. Finally, in the email announcement section, tick the box if (by clicking on it) if you want a copy of the email to be sent immediately to everyone who is enrolled on the module.


Note: The email will be sent to the student’s umail account. 


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