How do I create groups on Blackboard?

Sometimes you will want to break a module into smaller groups.  The reasons vary (e.g. high enrolment, specialised subtopics, etc.) but the basic steps will be the same:


1. In the module page, select Groups in the menu on the left. (If you do not see a groups item in the menu, follow these steps to add a menu item.)


2. Once on the Groups page, select Create and then select the type of group you want to create.  As the majority of groups have Random Enrolment, that’s the example we’ll follow here.



3. You will then be asked to enter some basic Group Information including group name, description (optional), and visibility.  Groups are visible to students by default, but if you are breaking them up into groups for purely administrative reasons, feel free to hide them – you can always go back and edit the group if you change your mind.


4. Next, set the Tool Availability and other settings for the group. All of the tools are available by default, but it is important to note that the four items at the bottom of the list are not available for all modules so should be deselected by clicking on the box next to the tool name.  As a general rule, we recommend limiting student access to only those tools you want them to use in your module.  If you have any questions about the tools in Blackboard, please see the Blackboard Guide for Staff or the FAQs.


5. Lastly, determine the Membership You can create groups according to the number of students per group or you can create a set number of groups.  Don’t forget to tell Blackboard how to distribute any remaining students as it’s rare that the number of students and the number of groups line up exactly.


6. Click Submit to create the group(s). You will then be taken to the main group page with a list of all the groups.  Clicking on a group name will take you to that group where you can view the membership, create discussion boards, etc.


For more information about Blackboard Groups – including an explanation of the different types of groups – please see pages 29-30 in the Staff Guide to Blackboard.


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