How do I embed a video?

If you want to post a video on Blackboard, but do not want to use the YouTube mashup tool – for example, if you wish to have the video play on the page rather than as a popup – it can be embedded directly into the page. To do so, ensure that you have the URL for the item you want to embed and then do the following:

1. Open the Content Area in which you want to embed the video.

2. Hover over Build Content, and select ‘Item’.

3. Type the name you want to give your video in the ‘Name’ box, then click the ‘Insert/Edit Embedded Media’ icon.

4. In the popup, select the media type from the drop-down menu (in this example, for a YouTube video select ‘Iframe’).

5. Copy and paste the video URL into the ‘File/URL’ box or select the file from an existing source via ‘Browse My Computer’ or ‘Browse Course’.

6. Click ‘Insert’.

7.  If desired, type any text you want attached to the video below the yellow box. If you wish to resize the video, click the yellow box and drag to the desired size using the selection points.

8. Select the appropriate options and click ‘Submit’.

9. The content area will reload with the embedded content and a green bar will confirm the embed.

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