How do I set up adaptive release on Blackboard?


A very powerful feature of Blackboard is adaptive release. This allows you to only release pieces of content if certain criteria are met. (For example: you may wish to only release lesson 2 if the student has submitted the assignment for lesson 1). The advantage of this type of functionality is that it allows students to work through the material at their own pace, while still being guided. To implement adaptive release on a piece of content, follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to the piece of content you wish to edit, hover over its name and click on the small grey arrow that appears to the right of the name to see the item menu.  Select Adaptive Release.


2. You are given a page of options. You can limit the release of the content in 4 ways:

Date: Allows you to release content based on certain date. For example: you may wish to make the content available from the 12th March until the 15th March. To do this simply input the dates and times accordingly.


Membership: Allows you to release content based on the specific user(s). For example: you can set the content to only be visible to j.bloggs or group 1 (if you have groups setup – see section on using groups function for more on this). To do this enter the username(s) of the people who should see the content (or if it is a group, select the group from the left hand box and move it to the right box below).


Grades: Allows you to release content based on what grades students have received in an test/assignment. For example: you may wish to make the advanced material available to those who received greater than 60%. To do this, choose the grade centre column from the dropdown (Below is an MCQ) and set the criteria accordingly.


Review Status: Allows you to release content based on whether a student has reviewed another piece of content. For example: you may wish to make lesson 2 available once they have read lesson 1. To do this simply select the piece of content that should have been reviewed from the dropdown.

Note:  For this option, the student there are prerequisites.

  • Review Status must be turned on for the content (see the Blackboard Guide for instructions on how to do this).
  • The student must set the content to reviewed status (meaning that you are reliant on a student to update the content as read).


3. Once you have set all the release criteria, click Submit.



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