How do I create a rubric for a discussion board?


In order to create a rubric for a discussion board, follow the below steps:


1. Browse to the discussion forum that you wish to attach the Rubric to.


2. In the Forum Settings (see How do I create a discussion board? for more on accessing the settings) select Grade Discussion Forum

Rubric FAQ Pic 1


3. This will generate new rows called Due Date and Associated Rubrics. Click Add Rubric.

Rubric FAQ Pic 2


4. Next choose Create New Rubric.

Rubric FAQ Pic 3



5. All fields in the Rubric are editable and rows and columns may be added or removed:

Rubric FAQ Pic 4



6. Click Submit once you are have filled in all the information.


7. At this point you can choose to allow/disallow student to see the rubric (it is usually recommend that students should see it, as it allows for clarity of expectations).

Show student Rubric


8. Later when you grading the discussion the rubric will appear when you are in the grading screen. (For more on grading discussions see the FAQ: How can I grade a discussion online?)



– Resources: Sample Discussion Board Rubric


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