How do I set up electronic submission using Turnitin?


Turnitin is an an add on for Blackboard, it can check assignments for plagiarism and it also also allows for online marking. To use these functions assignments must be submitted through a Turnitin Direct Assignment box. The steps on how to set this up are below:


1. Login to Blackboard (How do I login to Blackboard?)


2. Go to the module where you wish to set up the Turnitin Assignment Submission (How can I see my module site?)


3. Browse to the content area where you want the submission box to be (for example: you might want to have it on on the assignments page )

Assignments in Menu


4. Hover over Assessment

Turnitin Assignment


5. Select Turnitin Direct Assignment and you will see a page like the below.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 14.28.13


6. Select the settings appropriate for your assignment. The most important settings to change are listed below:

  • – Assignment Name: Give your assignment a name (for example: Assignment 1)
  • – Assignment Description:  Give a short description or instructions
  • – Submission Method: in most cases this should be set to file upload (meaning students are expected to upload a document)
  • – Overall Grade: What grade will the assignment be marked out of
  • – Number of Parts: How many parts are students expected to submit (usually 1).
  • – Start Date: The date that the submission box is available from (default is immediately)
  • – Due Date: Due Date of the Assignment
  • – Post Date: The date on which results/feedback are to be released (if you are unsure about this, it is best to set it to a few months away).
  • – Reveal Grades Immediately: Should usually be set to No as a precaution.
  • – Students View Originality Reports: Choose whether students should see originality reports. (We generally recommend that they should see them as it can be a useful learning tool).
  • – Allow late submissions: If yes then the submission box will take submissions after the due date and the assignment will be highlighted as being late.


7. Click Create Assignment you will then see something like the below on the relevant Blackboard page.



– Video on OVPTL you Tube Channel: Creating a Turnitin Assignment

– Resources: Turnitin Instructor Manual


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