How do I set up a reflective journal in Blackboard?


Blackboard allows for the creation of reflective journals/ learning logs through its journals tool. To create a journal follow the below steps.


1. On the Control Panel, click Course Tools and click Journals

Control Panel Screenshot



2. Click Create Journal (top left)

Create Journal


3. You are given a page of options, type a name, instructions and set the availability of the journal.

Setting up a journal


4. In the Journal Settings section, select the appropriate options

  • Monthly or Weekly Index Entries: i.e how often the students should post.
  • Allow Users to Edit and Delete Entries: Tick the box if you wish for students to be allowed to edit)
  • Allow Users to Delete Comments:  Tick if it applies
  • Permit Course Users to View Journal: Ticking this will make the journal public to all users enrolled on the module.


5. In the Grade Settings section, select whether the journal is to be graded or not.  If it is to be graded type the number of points possible.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.36.25


6. Once you have finalised the options click Submit. You will be brought back to a page which lists the journals on the module. This is the page that students see. To make a posting they should click on the journal title and click the New Journal Entry button.



– Blackboard Video: How to Create and Comment on Journal Entries

– Blackboard Page: Journals

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