How do I setup a shared folder using Google Apps?


The following steps assume that you have been granted access to to Google Apps for Education. If you do not have access you can request it by emailing


1. Login to Google Apps at:

2. Click the dropdown arrow next to My Drive

New Folder in Drive


3. Click on New Folder

4. Type a name for the folder

Name Folder

5. Click Create

6. The folder is then created. If you wish to share it with certain people right click the folder and click share in the menu that appears.

Share a folder in Google Drive

7. In the window that appears type the email addresses of the people you wish to share folder.

  • Please note that if you are sharing the folder with students you must share with their umail address.


8. You should also select whether it they have the ability to edit or view the folder.

  • Please note if you are creating the folder for students to upload documents then they will need edit access. 

Folder Share


9. Once you have added everyone, click send. An email will then be sent to the new users notifying them of the new folder and giving them a link from which they can access it.



– Google Help Page: Organise your Files in Google Drive

– Google Apps Learning Centre


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