What are the basic terms UCC/Irish Copyright Licensing Agency (ICLA) license


UCC has signed an agreement with the ICLA which sets out the extent and nature of the copying that can lawfully be conducted by UCC staff and students. This license permits copying pursuant to the terms of the license and in the context of digital copying permits the scanning of material for digital reproduction in order to make available, digital copies of licensed materials via blackboard; and to allow for that material to be printed onto paper.

However all such copying must be of licensed works (defined in the terms of the license), must be exclusively for educational purposes and expressly excludes the posting of such material on the worldwide web. Additionally a user cannot make digital copies of any graphic or visual work unless integral to text being copied, can’t make copy to CD, DVD, floppy disk etc. and can’t collect or store digital copy except for technical back-up purposes.


Question Link: http://instructionaldesign.ucc.ie/faqwd/what-are-the-basic-terms-uccirish-copyright-licensing-agency-icla-license/



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