Library Studio

What is the Library Studio?

The new Self-Service Library Studio is a video and audio recording facility based in the basement of the Boole Library which can be used by both staff and students. The studio allows users to record video presentations onto USB keys.

How do I book the studio?

The studio is available to book through the Boole Library website.

When you book the studio, you will receive an email asking you to confirm the booking. Once you confirm the booking you will recieve a second email which includes

  1. the access code for the room.
  2. the instructions for using the room

Some important points to note:

  1. Users of the studio should bring at least one USB with them, this is where the recording will be saved. If you wish to use a file such as a powerpoint, you should bring that on a second USB.
  2. The USB for recording should be big enough to hold the video you want to record. The following is a guide to the expected file size.
    • 2 mins = approx. 50Mb
    • 10 mins = approx. 250M

The room is a self-service function and is designed not to require support, however, if you have questions or if you notice something not working or damaged in the space please send an email to

We hope you enjoy using the Library Studio.