What is Blackboard?Blackboard logo

Blackboard is one of the principle tools used by UCC to support online and blended learning.  It is what we call a web-based Learning Management System (LMS). Put very simply it is a tool that provides access to learning materials and activities online. It is a closed system in that only UCC registered students and UCC staff can get access to UCC’s Blackboard Site.

Each module has a module site on Blackboard. This site can then be populated by you (the lecturer) with learning materials/activities. Students then have access to these materials and activities when they log in.

In brief, Blackboard allows ways for users to

  • Organise and share course materials: For example, you can upload a powerpoint that students can access
  • Communicate between staff and students: For example, you can post an announcement or email a student.
  • Work collaboratively: For example, students can have an online discussion
  • Perform online assessments that are marked automatically: For example, you can create an online MCQ that is marked by Blackboard
  • Administer a module: For example, you can put people into groups or keep track of results with it.
  • Track students’ online activities: For example, you can check when a student last logged in and whether they have submitted an assignment.
Some basic points to know about Blackboard

In order to log in to Blackboard, all users must register.

  • For students, registration for Blackboard feeds automatically from the student registration system. Therefore, if a student cannot log in to Blackboard it is often due to an issue with their student registration.
  • Staff should get access to Blackboard by emailing the learning technologies unit at
Where can I learn more about Blackboard?

The first stop should be the Blackboard Manual. Their is a searchable Blackboard FAQ page on this site. It is also worth noting there are a number of training videos available from Blackboard. So if the answer isn’t there yet, then just ask us and we will add the answer for all to see.