What is Panopto?

Panopto is an easy to use software for recording and live streaming audio, video and other multimedia content from your computer, laptop or mobile device. Here in UCC it is mainly used for lecture capture, although it can be used for other educational purposes, such as screencasting, recording short videos or even quizzes.

Panopto is supported by UCC’s Audio Visual Media Services team and is currently available in all general teaching rooms and to download on any computer in the university. Essentially, Panopto allows for the simultaneous capture of audio/video and presentations such as PowerPoint.

One of the biggest advantages of Panopto is that it is able to use the text on a presentation (such as PowerPoint) to create searchable metadata, allowing the user to search for a specific word or topic, either within a recording or across a number of recordings. It can be used in a few different ways such as

  • Recording lectures that can be added and viewed at a later time (on the Panopto server or through Canvas) including using mobile devices.
  • Editing recordings
  • Streaming live lectures/events
  • Producing short videos that might be used to recap a point
  • Supporting certain screen readers
  • Allowing students to submit video assignments through a dropbox

An example of Panopto is available on our Panopto Recordings page where we are keeping recordings of any lectures that have taken place in UCC that relate to the area of technology enhanced learning.

Where can I learn more about Panopto?

The first stop should be AV’s help pages, and the Panopto manual. There are also a number of resources on Panopto’s own help site including

If after having checked all this you still have a question then you are advised to contact